3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Asphalt Roofing Products

The manufacturers of roofing materials now offer a huge variety of options. Despite the many choices, most U.S. homeowners opt for asphalt shingles. Homeowners can choose from a rainbow of colors. Asphalt is easily maintained, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly. It is one of the easiest materials to install and is extremely durable.

Asphalt Increases Curb Appeal

Homeowners often choose asphalt because it is sold in a huge range of colors. Contractors can also cut materials into custom shapes that give homes distinctive looks. Clients may opt for overlapping shingles or flat, neat installations that create an eye-catching uniform appearance. Suppliers offer rough-edge shingles and customers can choose asphalt that mimics other materials. For example, sellers offer shingles that replicate redwood, slate, or cedar. Shingles can also be configured to match any decorating style. Experienced installers create overlapping 3D effects that make matching shingles look like they are different colors.

Asphalt Roofing Is Simple and Affordable

Customers also decide on asphalt because it is a great value. Despite its beauty and adaptability, asphalt is one of the least expensive roofing materials. Since most contractors offer financing plans, asphalt is usually budget friendly. It is also less expensive to own. Homeowners just need to schedule routine professional roof inspections so technicians can remove debris and inspect shingles for damage. Asphalt is easy to repair, but the work should be done by experts. Roofing contractors make repairs according to manufacturers’ instructions, which helps maintain roofing life for as long as possible.

Asphalt Lasts a Long Time

Professionally installed asphalt roofs are very durable. During installation, contractors ensure that roofing is leak resistant. Expertly installed and maintained shingles can last as long as 30 years and still look beautiful. One of the reasons that asphalt lasts so long is that shingles are the ideal weight. They are heavy enough to prevent them from easily lifting but light enough not to require reinforcement. They hold up very well in the roughest weather. Shingles are also earth-friendly because they can be recycled.

Most U.S. homeowners choose asphalt roofing materials. Asphalt is popular because it is sold in a huge variety of colors and styles. It is also affordable, adaptable, and has a long lifespan.