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How To Create A Good DIY Logo

When we talk about cutting operational costs in businesses, Small business owners can relate with that the most. That is why many who are starting a business are looking to reduce costs by creating their logos. Creating logos does not have to be a very complicated thing. With a few established guidelines the process of creating can be simplified. In this article we will focus on some of those tips to making a good logo.

Of great importance is that you know what your business stands for which will make it easy for you to incorporate it in the logo. I believe that logos are a graphic representation of what the business is all about. Creating a good logo will be somewhat of a problem when you have no idea about what your business stands for. Therefore before you embark on creation of a logo know your business very well.

You can have a simple logo showing what you deal in. For our example, we could use wedding cakes businesses. Some of the wedding cake businesses may choose to have a logo that only bears the name of the business only and an image of a wedding cake which makes it so simple for those looking at it to know that the business is about.

There are other options for those who do not want images in their logo, and one of the options is the text-only logo. You will be surprised at how effective these logos are. For this kind of logo to work there are a few things that have to be employed in their creation. First the texts ought to be in a font and size that is readable. The font can be used to communicate the brand of the business such that if you have a business that is linked with elegance the fonts used should be elegant. It is common to find that the text-only logo only having the business name.

It is important to note that color is crucial when it comes to DIY logos. You need to have a logo that has not more than three colors. By so doing, you will enjoy the benefits of color on a logo without overloading the brain with so many colors. A logo with too many colors is busy-looking hence confusing to the eye. Using few colors will be to your benefit because you will not spend a lot on printing and embroidery where charges are based on the number of colors, more, for sports teams who print so many items.

These tips will get you started as you make your DIY logo.