6 Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

Branding is a combo of all the little things that make a business unique, such as its name, logo and trade terminology, and the trick to good business branding is to establish an attention-getting identity from the beginning. Below are some awesome business branding tips to help owners get started.

Give the Business a Stronger Visual Identity

Document and logo design are important parts of making a business recognizable. However, it’s also important to tweak the brand from time to time. Use consistent fonts and color schemes across all marketing materials, from e-newsletters to business cards.

Don’t Mess up the Message

When branding a business with a catchphrase, make the statement as powerful and concise as possible. Focus on what makes the company different from its competitors, because the brand message should make the business recognizable to its customers.

Find the Corporate Voice

Finding the right personality and voice for a company’s brand identity can help it connect with the right customers. Most businesses fare better when the owner takes a conversational branding approach, but this shouldn’t be counted upon. Every business owner should do his or her own research when building a brand.

Be Consistent

From fonts and messaging to colors and logos, consistency is critical. During slow periods, owners may be tempted to test new trends. However, when a business has a solid brand, changing things randomly can cause it to lose traction in the marketplace.

Brand Everything

Every time a business owner interacts with a current or potential customer, they get a chance to reinforce the brand message. From forum signatures to social media responses, use the company’s tagline and logo during every connection with customers and visitors.

Track Results

Measuring results is the only way for a business owner to see what works and what does not. When a company’s branding efforts aren’t providing the desired result, it may be time to rethink the effort. It’s up to the business owner to decide whether that means a complete retooling or a few minor changes. By following these tips, even a small business owner can build a lasting, compelling brand.