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Search engine optimization is a way to improve one’s website so that it can appear at or closer to the top suggestions of search engine.Search engine users will usually visit the sites which are suggested first.Leading search engines use complex mathematical algorithms to try to find out websites being sought.

Method for optimization include preventing crawling, getting indexed, and increasing prominence.Getting indexed is making sure search engines can find your website.Crosslinking between different pages to create reference points for similar contents is an example by which one can increase dominance.Crawling is when a search engine instructs spiders to visit a website for tracking reasons.

Reasons for Search engine optimization include, gaining more website visitations, increases trust in the website as it is seen to be top ranked. Search engine optimization can place one above the rest of the competition.When your website is high ranking in a search engine it is more likely to be promoted through social media platforms.Users who are using the internet get to know of a website when it appears in their suggestions and could result in an increase in potential future visitors.Since one’s website will be suggested more often, users will want to know about it and as such click on it more thus increase the website’s traffic.

Marketing is simply putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.Online marketing is the marketing of goods and services using internet technologies.Online marketing strategies should not be complicated or hard to understand.Online marketing strategies should be affordable.The online marketing strategies used should bring significant returns.Online marketing strategies should be time sensitive.

One type of strategy for online marketing is personal branding.Personal branding presents one’s trust in the brand and also gives a personal image when promoting the brand.Personal branding shows trust in the brand and as such helps in its promotion.Content marketing is another strategy for online marketing.Search engine optimization is also another way for online marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is the process which affects vision of a website in a search engine suggestions.Search engine optimization ensures one gets more traffic from people searching for the products or services that you offer.One other strategy used is conversion optimization.Conversion optimization gets more value out of the visitors by using more conversion opportunities and by also improving the ones that already exist.Another strategy for online marketing is by social media marketing.Social media marketing involves posting relevant details about the business on social media platforms.One may also use the strategy of email marketing.

Benefits of online marketing are such as low costs,flexibility and convenience and also demographic targeting.

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