Android Smartphone Modifier Applications Like Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one smartphone that has a full feature with technology that emphasizes user satisfaction that is not owned by other android smartphone. Well, this time for you Android smartphone users who also want to enjoy the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 we will give some name of application that can make your smartphone become like Samsung galaxy S8.

The applications below are made more similar to existing applications on Samsung Galaxy S8 so that you who do not use smartphones made in Korean vendors are also able to feel sophisticated applications in it even if not using the product.

Here are some applications that can make your Android Smartphone “taste” Samsung Galaxy S8 and you can see it in Mobile app development:

Heart Rate Sensor

On galaxy S8 has S Health app. The use of this feature is quite easy, you just need to put a finger on the sensor and the phone will read the heart rate per minute. To get this application you can find the application by the name of Runtastic Heart App which is similar to Heart App, and the result was not much different from the existing S Health application on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Selective Focus

Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are two smartphones that can adjust the focus of the image taken by the camera your phone. can also have this feature by downloading it on Google Play with Google Camera name. This app can be used on phones with Android operating system 6.0 and above. In this application there is a feature Lens Blur that will allow you to focus some photos you want.

Private Mode cross platform

If you include people who always store data on the phone it’s good you give a higher security system on your smart phone. In Samsung there is a feature with the name Private Mode cross platform. Well, on android phones other than Samsung you can use App Lock application that has the same functionality with Private Mode feature on Galaxy S8. Determine the pin number to open an application, documents, programs and other data you normally store on your smartphone.

Kids Mode

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology makes not only adults who use smart devices, many young children are also happy to explore smart devices. In Samsung there is a feature of kids mode that will limit the access of children on a device. Similar features can also be enjoyed by other Android lovers by downloading Kids Mode application created by Zoodies. This application has been downloaded as much as 10 million times and is the best application for parents who still want to monitor their children’s multimedia activities.

But please note that all the above applications are not necessarily compatible or compatible with android smartphone due to differences in specifications