1. Understanding Candlestick and the Movement Pattern

Understanding the candlestick and movement patterns is very important in trading, why? Because Candlestick can predict price movement of bitcoin in some candle forward. By understanding candlestick and movement pattern, then you can predict the trend that will happen. As the saying goes, ‘history always repeats its self’ or history usually occurs repeatedly. For that, you need to know the usefulness of candlesticks well to take advantage of the bitcoin trade in the market. If you want to invest another currency, you should know about DavorCoin Review.

2. Conducting Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Before trading, you should learn to analyze the bitcoin price movement technically, by understanding the indicators and trading tools that match the characteristics of bitcoin movement in the market. You should also be able to analyze the news (fundamental analysis) of both global news and news events that appear at any given time and its nature can influence the movement of bitcoin price trends.

3. Understanding the Characteristics of Bitcoin Movement

Bitcoin price movements in the market have certain characteristics that are influenced by several factors either fundamental or technical news, as well as certain other things that have their own uniqueness. The more often you trade the more you understand the character of bitcoin movement, to the natural instinct of a pro trader. DavorCoin is alternative currency that recommended to try.

4. Creating a Trading Plan

Sometime before trading, you must make a good trading plan. By organizing …

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