Choosing A Mattress For Your College Student

Parents who are preparing their teen for college must purchase certain furnishings to make their student feel more at home. When decorating their dorm room, the first choice to make is which mattress is right for the student. Manufacturers offer a multitude of mattresses to meet the needs of new college students.

Why is an XL Twin Better?

An XL twin is better for college students as it provides them with a mattress that is 5 inches longer than a standard selection. A standard twin is fine when teens are still in high school, but around the beginning of their college years, it is likely that they could have a growth spurt. It is better to choose a longer mattress to accommodate the college student more proactively.

Choosing the Best Depth for the Mattress

When reviewing the depth of the mattress, it is urgent for parents to consider their college student’s comfort levels. In a dorm, the college student will have just enough space for a twin bed. Most dorm beds provided for students aren’t comfortable always. The mattresses are often too thin to provide adequate comfort. The recommended depth for a mattress for a college student is 8 inches.

Easy to Clean Mattresses

College students just like other teens and young adults are likely to spill beverages or food on their mattress. The student will sit on their bed and use it for more purposes other than sleeping. It is likely that they will eat meals on the mattress. For this reason, parents should choose a mattress that is easy to clean. Most memory foam mattresses are cleaned with a damp cloth and won’t stain.

Is a Trial Offer Best for College Students?

Parents who aren’t sure which twin mattress is the best choice for their college student could schedule a free trial. The manufacturer will deliver the mattress to the student’s dorm room. The parents have up to one year to make a final decision.

Parents evaluate certain elements of popular mattresses to find the best selection for their students. The ideal product offers maximized comfort and support. College students will need to get a better night’s sleep, and they need a model that meets their needs. Parents who want to learn more about popular products can see this right now.