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Management consultancies are now joining the digital advertisement industry and will soon need to stretch their budget to acquire media gadgets. According to marketing consultants, consultancy firms are secretly establishing their personal media purchasing services which are threatening to ruin ad agencies.

Agencies are discussing with clients on low CPMs as regards to how to purchase media. This continues despite the fact that all are in agreement that it’s a terrible way to sell online media. Consulting companies are now offering clients the “cost per sale” idea. Advertisers prefer going digital because media agencies sell it as a money-saving way to get to their audiences. And that’s exactly what consulting companies are counting on— quality media that will bring results.

Though marketers have stricter rules dealing with management consultants than those regulating agencies, top consulting companies run pitches when they too have agencies. They can more easily audit huge advertisers because they are offering a new skill set — and have put up departments for this. To management consultants, this is a way of meeting the clients’ needs in full.

Because marketers are out to find easier ways to get their jobs done, why not consolidate their needs to an able consulting firm that can offer an all-inclusive package? But when management consultants go to the extent of cross-selling services that directly influence brand communication, then things become more difficult as this is what a brand marketer should be doing to an organization. Marketers won’t risk this with consulting firms because they are only good with tech and data.


Wrapping Up

The more top consultancies shift focus on digital technology and venture into brands and advertising, the greater a threat they become to agencies and marketers. We are already sensing conflict between agencies and consulting firms who are both struggling to sway marketers their way when it comes to the ad tech to choose. The two are now battling against each other with every party craving for the huge commissions promised by leading tech companies. Market analysts say 2018 may see consulting companies take over the industry.


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