Going To Rishikesh On A College Trip? Book Bulk Bus Tickets From Delhi.

Travelling to Rishikesh is perhaps on the top of every college student’s list. The fact that it is very close to Corbett National Park and a stone’s throw from Dehradun and Mussoorie, it has gained special importance in every traveler’s diary who is traveling to North India in general or Uttarakhand in particular.

It has gained a lot of fame recently for the daredevil white4 water rafting showcased in several movies, and it is a known fact that Rishikesh has perhaps the longest white water rafting courses in India and also the most exciting one. Surrounded throughout by lush forests, there are a lot of things to do in Rishikesh which can keep a group of young students occupied.

Nowadays, there are lots of field trips from colleges across the country which make sure that Rishikesh is part of the itinerary. The above experiences would surely appeal to a large group of students in college, hence this is not surprising at all.

However, lots of people do not realize that booking tickets in bulk may require different approaches than the normal ones to reap the maximum benefit. Here are some Delhi to Rishikesh bus booking tips for large groups:

1.     Plan Ahead of Time:

While you may be able to easily book tickets without hassle when a couple of your friends are going for a fun trip, the same does not hold true for huge groups. You must remember that if you are planning to go to Rishikesh from Delhi during a particular time that suits you, it is a suitable time for other colleges as well. And if they end up booking the trips during the same time as you, you will have a hard time finding travels bus booking.

In college trips, it is imperative that the whole group travels together to avoid any unforeseen circumstances or leave anyone in a vulnerable position all alone without help. Therefore, it is best to perform the steps given below well in advance, possibly 6-8 weeks before your actual trip to avoid any complications due to non-availability of seats at the last moment.

Planning ahead of time also has another tangible benefit- you can bargain for cheaper rates due to early booking, and most businesses will accommodate you since you will be booking tickets for a huge number of people and assuring a huge amount of business for them. There’s literally no benefit to leaving your planning for the last moment.

2.     Avoid Travel Portals:

While it might make sense to approach a travel portal for individual bookings, it doesn’t make sense to do so directly in the case of bulk bookings. There are several reasons for this.

Most travel portals are assigned a fixed number of seats by the operators. Hence, the travel portal may not allow you to book the entire bus if there are 40 people traveling in your group. They also place limitations on how many tickets you can book in one go since they fear bulk cancellations.

Secondly, travel portals are mostly not bothered about giving discounted rates to bulk bookings except in very rare cases.

Thirdly, and most importantly, if there is a last-minute cancellation of the bus or any other issue that crops up which is out of your control, you will not have a human face to talk to. Instead, you will have to keep calling the helpline which may not be very helpful, and even if they want to help, they may find it difficult to manage help for such a huge group.

Therefore, to avoid the problem of not being able to book the entire group’s tickets directly and the chance of paying more than what is required for the tickets, you should avoid trying to book on travel portals, even if it is the easy way out.

The only exception to this may be if the travel portal is extremely well known and has a huge presence throughout the country, like Yatra.com.

3.     Approach Travel Agents Directly:

Now, since we have ruled out most travel portals, the best way you can book tickets for your college tour to Rishikesh is by contacting top tour operators or travel agents in Delhi.

They will be able to arrange the buses of your choice for you, with proper on-ground presence to take care of any untoward incidents since they usually have knowledge of the entire route and have contacts along the way. If there is an issue, there is a great chance that they are the best people to help you. Also, they will try their best to keep you happy since they have the potential to gain business from your college in the future and such huge bulk bookings are rare for them. Hence, they will try to safeguard you out of their own interests to ensure your loyalty towards them.

Also, they will be more willing to provide you sizeable discounts due to large bookings at one time and the prospect of future business with you.

So in either case, this is the best option for you if you are looking for bulk bookings for a college trip.


Eventually, following these tips is sure to give you a huge benefit in booking bulk tickets for your future college trips. Make sure that you bargain and try to get at least 20% discount in such cases.