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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Chlorella.

The increased pollution in our ecosystems is harming us through the food we eat the water we take and the air we inspire. Apart from that we are also affected by the chemicals added to foods in the food processing forms. We are also put at risk by the chemicals used in agriculture and farming practices. Other things that also affect us are cigarette smoke, exhaust, pharmaceutical drugs, and detergents.

All these pollutants that find access to our bodies must be gotten rid of. Our bodies have systems that rid the body of the toxins that enter it. The only problem is that our body cannot deal with all these toxins, this results in the explosion of toxin-related diseases and disorders like cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many others.

Chlorella which is a green algae is a nutrient dense super food containing high levels of proteins amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The green pigment in chlorella is the one responsible for the cleansing functions. Chlorella has chlorophyll five times greater than all the known plants. The formation of chlorella makes able to attach to the contaminants are rid them from the body. Chlorella is very effective in its working as it only couples with the poisons in the body leaving the essential compounds in the body unharmed. The chlorophyll molecules in chlorella will purify the blood, liver, and intestines.

the liver is usually the major detoxifier in our bodies, and it breaks down toxic chemicals, medicines, alcohol, food additives, and agro-chemicals. Chlorella supplies the essential nutrients that the liver needs to purify the body. By nourishing the liver, its detoxifying functions are enhanced. When removing toxins from our systems chlorella helps to protect the liver from toxic injury.

The advantages that you will gain from usage of chlorella include removal of harmful chemicals from the blood, liver and the intestines. It purifies blood from toxins and eliminates molds in the body. It helps to process more oxygen and neutralizes bad air that you breathe in. In addition to detoxification functions chlorella also has other health benefits such as boosting the immune system, improving digestion, increasing energy levels, balancing the body’s PH. This organic supplement also balances the blood glucose and the blood flow rate and reduces the prevalence of cancer.

When beginning to consume chlorella ensure that you take small dosages and then increase little by little to learn the reaction of the body to these compound. It may take weeks or months to cleanse your body.

Doing Wellness The Right Way

Doing Wellness The Right Way