New Menory Foam Brings Down Prices

There are many manufacturers of memory foams that use technology to provide excellent support at affordable pricing. One example is called the New Purple mattress. It is made in the US and arrives in a box. The materials used are a combination of foam and a lightweight polymer that cost less and sleep cooler than traditional memory foam.


Other manufacturers have developed layering designs that utilize different densities of foam for overall support. A Leesa brand mattress, also made in the US, consists of a core support layer at the bottom, a contouring pressure relief foam in the middle, and a cooling top layer for extra comfort. These mattresses are available online and built to order at surprisingly low pricing.

Read Reviews

The drawback of ordering a mattress online is that there is no way to try it before buying. To compensate for this, there are many blogs and review websites dedicated to reviewing and providing details about mattresses. Customers can browse manufacturer sites and then find more on independent websites. Some sites are affiliated with manufacturers, which means the site operators are compensated when customers purchase a mattress via the link on the site. This information is clearly displayed.

Sleep Trials

Risk-free sleep trials are offered by manufacturers as well. Customers have a specified amount of nights to try out the mattress. If they are not satisfied, the mattress can be returned, and the purchase price is refunded. Be careful to keep track of these sleep trials because they differ greatly. Some are ninety-days, others are for one-hundred days, while others are extended for a full year. Read all the terms and conditions before purchasing a mattress online.

Comparable to Traditional Beds

Some memory foam mattresses are priced as low as a traditional box spring and mattress set. It is no longer cost-prohibitive to sleep in luxury. Discover comfort and support designed to cradle the body with no pressure points, tossing and turning, or disruption of a partner. Get a restful night of sleep and wake up ready to face the day. There are twin, full, queen, and king sizes available.