Pros and Cons of Direct Current and Radio Frequency CO2 Laser Tubes

Carbon dioxide lasers, known as CO2 lasers, have been in use for more than 50 years. While they are often used in the medical field for soft tissue surgery, they are most frequently employed as cutting instruments for materials such as wood, fabric, paper, plastic and numerous other objects. Used in metal materials as well, CO2 lasers are truly a workhorse tool for companies that need to do a large amount of high-quality cutting. marking or engraving.

A co2 laser tube uses carbon dioxide gases sealed inside a tube that are energized, or excited, when electricity is introduced. The excited CO2 gases then emit a laser beam that is invisible and infrared. The number of applications a laser beam can be used for may be surprising. It can cut wood, engrave leather or wood and etch glass, plastics, or even photographs. A CO2 laser is typically used to cut or etch harder and denser materials as well, such as marble and granite, stainless steel, treated metal, titanium and even silver. A company that needs a workhorse type of laser should consider choosing the CO2 laser.

There are two different types of CO2 laser tubes, the direct current (DC) excited tube and the radio frequency (RF) excited tube. Each of the tubes has its benefits. The DC laser tube emits a beam that is discharged parallel to the tube’s resonator, while the RF tube’s beam is discharge perpendicular to the resonator. DC and RF tubes perform equally well, providing sharp edges to the cuts. RF tubes naturally emit a smaller laser stream than DC tubes, making fine etching easier. The DC tubes are made of glass, which makes them much less expensive than RF tubes that are manufactured using a type of metal. However, RF tubes have been shown to last much longer than DC tubes, which can make their cost equivalent over the long run.

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