Reccommendations for College Dorm Bedding

Getting used to sleeping in a different bed can be a major adjustment when going off to college. There are a few recommendations that can make the adjustment safe and comfortable. The first important piece of information is that college twin mattresses are about four to five-inches longer than standard twin mattresses. Looking for sheets labeled twinXL instead of just twin will ensure they will fit the college dorm mattress.

Mattress and Pillow Protection

Mattresses are disinfected, but extra protection is wise. Mattress and pillow protectors are the covers that completely enclose the mattress and zip closed. This will keep out bed bugs and guard against spills. Mold, bacteria, and mildew will be avoided as well. Bring extra pillow cases because you will want to wash them more often than the sheets.


College mattresses will not be as comfortable as the bed back home. One way to make sure comfort is at least at an acceptable level is to bring a memory foam mattress topper. It will not be like an entire memory foam mattress but will be more comfortable than the mattress itself. Get a protector deep enough to include the topper as well as the mattress. A memory foam pillow, if there is room for it, will also increase comfort.


Dorm rooms are bland and generic. It is up to students to decorate rooms and give them some personality. This can begin with a unique comforter. Shop online for something that jumps off the screen and is unlike anything you have seen before. If everything else is plain or a solid color, the comforter will speak volumes. Look online for websites that offer More hints and tips for being comfortable at college.

A Roommate

Most freshmen have a roommate or two. Many colleges provide roommates with emails before the semester begins, so they can get to know each other a bit before they all arrive. Take advantage of this and try to coordinate some decor, or at least develop some type of color scheme, for the space. It will be fun and eliminate some of the anxiety of meeting someone new in addition to getting settled.