Scent Marketing: Make Your Business Smell Good and Enjoy the Positive Results

Retail stores have long used music as a psychological strategy for encouraging customers to feel comfortable and linger longer in the aisles. It has taken them longer to begin experimenting with a concept known as scent marketing. Implemented appropriately, it enhances the shopping experience and can create a more favorable impression. You can make your business smell good with equipment from a company like Aromatech, which sells scent-dispensing devices as well as fragrant oils.

Sales Statistics

Many studies have confirmed a positive relationship between pleasant scents in retail environments and a lengthier time spent shopping per customer. When comparing sales statistics, researchers have also found that pleasant fragrances tend to increase the number of sales and the average amount per sale.

Developing a Strategy

Each store must consider the impression it wants to convey through scent so this feature is consistent with the rest of the shopping experience. Haphazardly sending a fragrance throughout the store simply because the manager likes that smell is ineffective and may even drive some customers away. As with other marketing strategies, the implementation should be carefully designed and planned beforehand.

The Amount of Fragrance

The amount of fragrance must be delivered in a way that is most appealing to customers. In some retail settings, visitors expect a more noticeable aroma from potpourri or other items. In other environments, the scent should be much more subtle.

This is similar to the way music is used effectively in retail. Store managers walk a fine line between playing music at a volume that’s known to be invigorating and a volume that is so annoying it compels customers to leave. That line can be crucially important in a mall, where it’s very easy to walk out of one clothing store and quickly find another.

Safe Scents

Some fragrances tend to be universally appealing among a national culture. To stay on the safe side, retailers might want to infuse their stores with a hint of cinnamon or vanilla. Floral scents, in contrast, can be problematic. One person loves the aroma of roses, while another connects that smell with a beloved grandparent’s funeral.