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STD Awareness

These STD are increasingly affecting many sexually active people in the world we live in.This is contributed by the irresponsible sexual activity in our society today.It has lead to the creation of an STD awareness month that happened during the Congressional Resolution in 2009.

This month is mainly meant for people to reflect o their sexual action, pass knowledge to people about this STD.Did you know that April is STD awareness month? The age group that has and is being treated for this STD mainly range from 15 to 24 years in both men and women.

STD can be easily tested cured, and in some cases that the disease is not curable, positive living can be of benefit to the patient. Awareness creation is aimed at educating people on everything that pertains to them. I have explained specific aspects that relate to STD below.

Different types of STD

They are many, but some of the common ones include HIV/AIDS, Genital warts, Syphilis or Gonorrhea.

Effects of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is the most known STI in the world.This STI has no scientific know cure up to date. Some drugs also referred to as ARVs are what that are given to help control its spread and its effects on the body.

To avoid the spread one has to use the drugs, eat healthily and avoid intercourse with infected partners. It is transmitted through sexual encounters with infected persons, from a mother to child in some cases through blood transfusion.

Mothers can transmit it to their children through breastfeeding that is they do not follow all requirements given by their doctor. A nursing HIV positive mother can only do so for the first six months exclusively.

Be on the safe side by using condoms during sex and ensuring pregnant mothers go for anti-natal clinics and give birth in hospital to help prevent the young one.


Gonorrhea is increasingly being tested positive in most STDs cases in health facilities. The good news is that most bacterium that causes it is treatable the only one that has proven resistant to medication. It can cause infertility to both men and women if not treated. Use of dental dams or condom or abstinence can help in its prevention.

All About Syphilis

It damages the nervous system and brain if it advances to its late stages.It can get passed from an infected person through genital sex, oral sex or anal. There are so many STIs that can affect the human body, but the above are the most popular.

Testing, Symptoms and treatment

A test can be done in a health facility with certified medics . Several fluids and substances can be collected for testing which include blood, swabs or urine. Whether it is a positive or negative result be sure to follow doctors’ orders in order to live healthy and well.

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